Termite Treatments

Barnes Lakeside Exterminating offers two types of liquid treatments (called Comprehensive and Defined), and baiting system options:


This is the total termite treatment program. A trench is dug and treated all the way down to the footer. The same treatment is required for any crawl space foundation, piers, or any other type of floor support where ground contact is made. Also important is drilling into voids in crawl space piers or in the foundation, or drilling a concrete slab that may be touching the structure vertically every 12 inches and injecting with a termiticide.


This is the less invasive termite treatment program of the two. The defined program closely resembles the comprehensive option in that a trench is dug outside the structure and areas are treated all the way down to the footer. Any concrete slab that may be touching the structure, whether a garage, a front porch or a patio, is drilled vertically every 12 inches and injected with the termiticide. With this option, a trench is dug around piers only and not around the interior foundation wall and it is also not necessary to drill the voids in the piers or foundation wall. Additional specifics should be discussed with a Barnes  Lakeside Technician.

Baiting System:



A treatment type that has gained popularity among customers as well as in the industry is baiting systems. Baits are highly effective in a variety of situations and, perhaps most importantly, in places where a customer wants to have the peace of mind of being protected from termites but also wants to avoid having chemicals applied around the house in large amounts (Baits use grams of chemical versus gallons in a Comprehensive or Defined treatment).

The system works this way: Bait stations are installed in the ground every 10-15 feet around a structure. This exploits a termites natural foraging instincts in that they will eventually discover the stations in their search for food and begin to feed (See Picture). In three months time a Barnes  Lakeside Technician will return to open all the stations and inspect for activity. If activity is found in any station then bait is added. The bait works as a chitin inhibitor, meaning that, once ingested, the termites can no longer shed their old skin and will soon die off. This system works slowly for a very specific reason. Think about this, if you knew you were getting sick because your food was poisoned, you would stop eating it. But if the poisoning was taking a long time and you couldn’t associate the sickness with the food, you wouldn’t know what to stop eating.  The same is true with termites. They don’t realize what they need to stop eating so they keep eating the bait and the colony dies off or shrinks to a manageable size.