Bed Bug Treatments

​Bed Bug Control

Bed bug  control is unpleasant, labor-intensive and normally requires specially trained technicians to perform the work. Proper bed bug control work with monitoring involves time and can take weeks and even months to gain control with traditional methods.  Numerous university studies have proven that the modern bed bug is far different than the bed bug of 50 years ago.  This is due to genetic modifications developed over time that has bred resistance to most chemicals that are used today.  

A better option, in most cases, is our Thermal Insect Eradication System (TIE).  It is a heat treatment that typically eliminates bed bugs in one day.
Why is it so effective?  There is no resistance to heat.           

Heat Treatment

Barnes Lakeside also provides a new service for bed bugs and other selected pests. With our Thermal Insect Eradication System (TIE)  most bed bug infestations can be eliminated in one day rather than the weeks needed with a conventional liquid treatment.  Customer preparation is also required prior to beginning the heat treatment.  To aid in this process we have prepared some helpful guides so your job is successful 

Bed bug customer prep sheet

Bed bug item removal list

Bed bug work can be costly if not performed properly. The alternative is a repeat problem within 3 to 6 months requiring more of your time and resources to combat. Give the professionals at Barnes Lakeside Exterminating Company a call at 770-775-6769 for a free, no obligation estimate. 

Tractor Bed Bug treatments

Barnes Lakeside handles many unique situations when it comes to bed bugs, including over-the-road trailers.  For that reason, Barnes Lakeside has adapted various methods to treat these vehicles so drivers can have their bug problem handled and then get back out on the road.  Two methods of treatment have proven effective including fumigation and heat treatment.  Heat treatment is especially invaluable for truckers because it can be done in one day and completely eliminates current bed bug populations.  


Watch our specialized heat treatment in action - See video below. 

bed bug heat treatment

a tractor trailer being bed bug treated

a fumigation tent for treating bed bugs