Certifications & Affiliations

All of our technicians are, at the minimum, registered by the State of Georgia. That means they've had 70 hours of classroom and on the job training, and have passed a 100-question exam administered by the State before going out to work on their own.

We have weekly in-house continuing education. The state also requires certified continuing education for the technicians to maintain their registration card.

Some techs are certified with the state, meaning they were first registered and worked under someone else for two years.  After two years of working as a registered technician and passing an intense, comprehensive exam required by the State of Georgia, a registered technician may then be certified by the State of Georgia.

There are several different categories of registration and certification. The main ones are pest control, WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms, like termites and wood boring beetles) and fumigation (two types).  Each office is required to have a DCO (Designated Certified Operator).

In addition, all of our employees, including office personnel, have background checks, pre-employment physicals, credit and reference checks.

Barnes Lakeside Exterminating is proud to be a part of the following organizations:

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