Green Solutions

Integrated Pest Management

It basically means that the Barnes Lakeside technician and the home or business owner work together on sanitation or control issues in a cooperative way. It is not always necessary to spray chemicals to control a pest. For instance, suppose a man is having problems with flies constantly entering his home. Upon being questioned by a Barnes Lakeside technician it is learned that the man has a compost heap for his garden only a few feet from his back door. Rather than put out fly bait to kill the adult flies or spraying chemicals on the house and any place the fly might land, it is suggested that the compost pile be moved to the back of the yard or simply done away with completely. No chemical treatment is necessary but the problem will still get solved.

Environmentally Friendly

Barnes Lakeside Exterminating offers a complete line of services aimed at those who 1) don’t like traditional chemicals and 2) don’t like bugs either. For these services we use products that are derived from various plant oils, like peppermint, clove, and rosemary and are formed into a pesticide. The particular brand we use is called EcoSmart. The active ingredient in these products targets receptors found only in insects and therefore has little to no effect on humans. This is a great system to use in chemically sensitive accounts or those with small children.