Residential Pest Control

Modern pest control is more than just spraying every baseboard inside a home, apartment or building. To add efficiency and longevity to a pest control program, cooperation is needed between the homeowner and the Barnes Lakeside Exterminating technician. For example, a homeowner may be asked to do simple things like move a wood pile away from the house to aid in the elimination of a millipede problem or prevention of a termite problem, or store dog food in a sealed container to keep ants and roaches away.

Residential Options

When chemical control is necessary, there are many options. The most traditional method of treatment is using liquid sprays. Varieties of concentrates are on the market and when used properly can be extremely effective. There are also baits which target specific pests and contain a fraction of the active ingredient of regular spray type chemicals. Each Barnes Lakeside Exterminating technician receives regular training on current pests in your area, the latest treatment techniques, and information about pest biology. This training is important in determining the best and most efficient means to control pests in any structure. Liquid sprays, baits, traps and other control measures can all be used individually or together to eliminate pest problems

Residential Frequency

Barnes Lakeside offers a variety of pest control options including monthly and quarterly pest control. Usually the most effective treatment option is quarterly pest control. A quarterly pest control service plan includes an outside perimeter liquid treatment to prevent insects from entering the home and then an interior service to prevent or control pests that may still find their way inside.

Monthly pest control is the only way to go when it comes to German cockroach or ant challenges. An interior treatment is necessary every month instead of every three months because of the reproductive cycles and sheer numbers involved. This solution is the best way to quickly take control and prevent extreme infestations.

Our residential pest control service area covers Jackson, Monticello, Forsyth, Covington, Griffin, McDonough, Locust Grove and Stockbridge areas. 

For more information, request a free in-home consultation from Barnes Lakeside Exterminating today!  Allow us to provide you with a quote to take care of all your residential pest control needs.