German Cockroaches

These small roaches are usually found in unsanitary locations like sewers, trash cans, damp areas in kitchens and bathrooms. For these reasons German roaches are a transmitter of diseases such as E. coli and various other forms of bacteria that cause food poisoning. In severe infestations large amounts of fecal matter will be visible and there will be a noticeable smell associated with it. This fecal matter, as well as shed skin, produces allergens which can trigger chronic lung disease, such as asthma. In order to control German cockroaches one of the most important steps is sanitation. If a food and water source is eliminated the roaches become stressed and may become less reproductive. Modern baits are now a pesticide of choice for many pest professionals because of the ease of use and fantastic control. These baits, however, are far less effective if there are other competitive food sources around. Identify these roaches by looking for a trademark set of black “racing stripes” on its pronotum near the head. Also, note that these roaches have wings but don’t fly and live exclusively inside. Don’t be confused by the Brown-banded cockroaches; these look similar except they CAN fly and live outside. This roach is so successful because of how adaptable it is to its environment. It will eat almost anything, hide almost anywhere, and reproduce very rapidly.  Click here for the German cockroach prevention and treatment preparation checklist.

American cockroaches

Probably one of the most repulsive insects our customers call about is the American cockroach, or as some call it, the water-bug or palmetto bug. All these names refer to this large and reddish brown roach. Primarily found outside in mulch, trash, or any shady spot like a tree hole, they do come inside also. You can find one of these roaches anywhere there is a dark moist spot. Basements, drains, and pipe chases are common locales for American roaches. Not as numerous or invasive as German roaches, American roaches can be more intimidating because of their 1-1/2” size…and they fly!

Asian Cockroaches

The Asian Cockroach is relatively new to our area as it relates to being a pest of our homes. They are almost identical in appearance to German Cockroaches, but their behavior is very different. Most people will notice large numbers outside in large groups, hundreds at times. They can also fly which is another characteristic that is different from a German Cockroach. 
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